In view of the profound digital transformation, metrology is of fundamental significance. Both communication and the evaluation and control of processes within digital networks as well as all services based on them (smart services) are based on measurement data. Only the metrologically adequate use of these measurement data makes it possible to fully utilize the great potential of the technical innovations that accompany digitization and are of great economic importance.

Against this background, the GEMIMEG project plans to develop and establish a fully digitally networked measurement and calibration facility in which all operational processes are initiated, controlled or regulated and managed via a new type of digital platform. Within this digital infrastructure, all metrological components (e.g. sensors) and the (sub)systems consisting of them will communicate and interact autonomously. Particular importance is attached here to the integration of digital calibration certificates (DCC) and digital twins (DT). The system set up in this way is intended to form the basis for a generally applicable digital infrastructure/platform for all metrological applications in the future.