Objectives of the project

Successfully and legally transforming the secure and robust communication of data, information, and certificates in quality infrastructure processes digitally is a prerequisite for the efficient and effective realization of one's quality promises in a digitized world. Addressing this challenge while taking into account the framework conditions of the quality infrastructure and the practical requirements of the industry in a joint, holistic approach is the overarching goal of the GEMIMEG-II project.

Especially against the background of the increasing number of deployed sensors in heterogeneous, multimodal sensor networks, the need for an end-to-end, cross-vendor and cross-application concept for trust in data and information is growing. Based on a broad consortium of SMEs, large enterprises, research institutions and metrology, the GEMIMEG-II project is therefore developing such a concept.

The focus of this project is on metrology (calibration, referencing, calibration), i.e. trust and quality information about measuring devices, sensor networks, digital twins and data analysis methods. The overall goal is to develop a secure, end-to-end, legally compliant availability of information for the implementation of reliable, networked measurement systems.